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Love cures all

*Rest In Peace sweet koala* Sam has left this world today 8/6/2009.  The 4 year old cutie and symbol Australian hope was put to sleep after complications of a disease that threatens many koalas. She will be remembered for her courage and fight for life and for showing the world that koalas like all living creatures have feelings and the same desire for life and love like we do. Sam taught us that we need each other if we want to live. She also reminded the world that koalas are beautiful sweet creatures. We’ll miss you Sam!!!


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This is a really sweet story of love. The koala that was rescued from the Australian fires has found not only friends and shelter but love too. It turns out the koala was a female and she was named Sam by people at the shelter where she is staying. There, she has met Bob, another rescued koala and the two have supported each other through their tough time. Sam is getting treated for 3rd degree burns to her paws. The koalas along with many other rescued animals can’t go back home 😦 their home is gone but they will be released to a nice place when they get all better.

Here’s the touching video of Sam’s rescue:

These people are awesome 😉 If you can send them help they really deserve it : The Mountain Ash Wildlife Center in Rawson

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Eternal Animal Friendship

Oscar and Arthur are the main characters in this sad, sad and touching story.  Oscar the dog and Arthur, a  17-year-old cat were the “bestest” of friends. They really loved each other! They loved each other so much that when Arthur passed away and went to kitty heaven, Oscar was inconsolable. The poor doggy missed his friend so much that he went to the backyard –where he saw his owners bury the cat– and dug up Arthur’s body. He then brought Arthur back in the house, cleaned him up and laid him in his basket where they used to sleep together. When their owners discovered this they were so moved that they decided to get Oscar a new kitty friend to ease his pain. Arthur was later buried in a more secure place.

So so sad, a bit creepy but very sad. I’m sure Oscar will never forget Arthur and no new kitty will ever replace him in Oscar’s heart.



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