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Lookalikes! III

This cat looks a lot like Charlie Chaplin but he also looks like this other guy…what’s his name? never mind.


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Cute Moms

I want to wish all the moms a Happy Mother’s day. Hope you enjoyed your special day 😉 I wanted to post some pictures of cute animal moms because it’s so endearing when we see how loving and caring moms are in general, even when they’re tiger moms. A mom’s love is special, I know, I’m a mom! he-he 🙂 It’s also true that you don’t mess with a mom…we’ll do anything to protect our young. In the animal kingdom the most dangerous animal is always the mom. Don’t mess with mom!! 😆

May 12, 2008 at 9:05 pm 2 comments

Chihuahua Cutie!

Awwww! This picture is so beautiful and cute at the same time. 😉 A special thanks to Victoria for sending in this picture of Geishy on their trip to Washington. It must be mentioned that there is no Photoshopping on this image, just pure cuteness and great photography.

April 28, 2008 at 9:56 am 3 comments

Another Naked Bird!

OH no! 😆 This one’s a penguin from California. His name is Pierre and he’s 25 years old. Turns out, Pierre was suffering from baldness which left him with a naked butt and back. As you probably know 😉 penguins need their feathers to protect them from the icy cold water. Well, Pierre couldn’t go swimming, poor thing, so his caretakers got in touch with some dive gear makers and they decided to help by designing him a special penguin wet suit! Now Pierre the penguin can enjoy the water again and not worry about freezing his little tail. By the way, turns out these species of penguin only live to be 20 but Pierre here is 25! niiiiice


Source: MSNBC

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Pajama Friday


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Lookalikes! II

It’s hard to believe but there’s actually an animal under that dirty mop! Doggy probably runs for the mountains every time he sees a Mr. Clean bottle. 😆

April 25, 2008 at 8:15 am 4 comments

Kittens bop their heads

LOL 😉 I just had to post this it’s way too cute!

April 24, 2008 at 2:23 pm 1 comment

Bosnian Bear is rescued

Just when you think everything sucks we see something that renews our faith in humanity. This is the story of Miljen, a bear that was captured by hunters back in 2000 and bought by a mobster to show off his machismo 🙄

Miljen’s mommy had been killed by the hunters and the poor cub was left to the “protection” of the mobster. Well, the macho mobster was busted in 2005 and poor Miljen was left abandoned. Neighbors took pity on him and were keeping him alive by feeding him bread. Miljen lost a lot of weight and was about to die when he was discovered by a Serbian film-maker who was filming in the area. Soon, animal protection groups began a campaign to rescue Miljen and take him to a sanctuary in Normandy.

After all this time, the bear can finally be accepted into the EU. People had to fatten him up and make him healthy in order for him to be accepted but he can finally be free. This Tuesday he is traveling in a well equipped, vet monitored van and he will arrive at his sanctuary where he is to be joined by two female bears!!! OMG :mrgreen:

Miljen will arrive later this week and the poor baby can finally meet other bears like him after being alone in a cage for 8 years. Yay for Miljen!! :mrgreen:



Yahoo News

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Did you do your taxes yet?

Typical tax guy face:

“Did you bring all your W-2’s?” *BOOOOORING*

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Mama hamster


A momma’s gotta do whatta momma’s gotta do!

April 14, 2008 at 10:14 am 73 comments

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