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Love cures all

*Rest In Peace sweet koala* Sam has left this world today 8/6/2009.  The 4 year old cutie and symbol Australian hope was put to sleep after complications of a disease that threatens many koalas. She will be remembered for her courage and fight for life and for showing the world that koalas like all living creatures have feelings and the same desire for life and love like we do. Sam taught us that we need each other if we want to live. She also reminded the world that koalas are beautiful sweet creatures. We’ll miss you Sam!!!


AP,Reuters Photos

This is a really sweet story of love. The koala that was rescued from the Australian fires has found not only friends and shelter but love too. It turns out the koala was a female and she was named Sam by people at the shelter where she is staying. There, she has met Bob, another rescued koala and the two have supported each other through their tough time. Sam is getting treated for 3rd degree burns to her paws. The koalas along with many other rescued animals can’t go back home 😦 their home is gone but they will be released to a nice place when they get all better.

Here’s the touching video of Sam’s rescue:

These people are awesome 😉 If you can send them help they really deserve it : The Mountain Ash Wildlife Center in Rawson

February 11, 2009 at 11:46 pm 7 comments

Australian Fires

australiafeb2009AP Photo

If you can, please send your help

Wild Life Victoria

Red Cross Australia

February 10, 2009 at 9:41 pm 1 comment

Good Bye 2008


Old man 2008 is heading out, vanishing never to return again. It was a nasty old man but it did bring some nice and funny things. Short recap:

1. German polar bear Knut took the worst hits of the year. First, he was taken down from the cutie throne and replaced by a newer, fluffier, and -some say- cuter polar bear named Flocke. Knut grew old, dark, dirty and even his human daddy left him to go tend to other polar bears in the sky. Now Knut is either on sale or sold because he’s too “expensive” to keep.

2. There was this crazy naked parrot on all the news programs. The bird thought he was cute and he danced and shook his featherless tail for all of us to see.

3. 2008 was great for a Bosnian bear who waited for years to be freed from abuser mobsters. He was rescued and transfered to a new caring place and he was also introduced to a female bear to live happily ever after.

4. Spaghetti Cat. Gosh! He didn’t do anything but show his face and everyone either laughed or fell in love. LOL 😆

5. Puppy Cam. Live web cams are old things by now but somehow live streaming of a bunch of puppies was something that people couldn’t get enough of.

6. Election day. It was great to see that America got together and had the guts to take back what’s ours. We elected change! A change in the way others see us. A change in the way we see each other. New hope for the future. Hope for peace.

7. Roomba Cat. This cat never saw a recession or a crisis. He was living the good life riding on his Roomba Vac and he looked incredibly cute doing it.

8. Barney bit a reporter. Bush’s dog was so ticked off that he is leaving the White House that one day he just snapped and bit a reporter on the hand. Sorry Barney! Ciao!!!

9. One sad story was that of the many people across the country who either lost their homes to foreclosure or had to move to smaller cheaper apartments and because of this they had to abandon their animals, some on the street. Shelters were overcrowded and many dogs and cats were seen run over on the streets. Animals became too expensive to keep and many landlords had a “no pet” policy for apartments so people were caught in dilemas. Many dropped off their pets at shelters and had to say good bye to life-long friends.

10. Finally, I want to highlight the story of a street dog in Chile. One accustomed to being kicked around and abandoned. He was caught on camera trying to save another dog after the dog got hit by a car on the highway. This dog’s bravery made us feel warm and fuzzy inside. There’s still hope to do good things for others in this world.

December 31, 2008 at 1:45 pm 1 comment

Panda Baby

Aww, we needed a dose of cute panda bear 😉

September 16, 2008 at 8:21 am 2 comments

Teddy Hamster

What’s he eating? Looks like he ate all the chocolate eggs at least. But he’s forgiven….just look at that face! 😉


April 2, 2008 at 8:38 am 4 comments

Cute and Creepy T.V. Ad

Reminds me of the Snuggle bear. He was creepy too. Imagine this bear coming to life right next to you in your bed 😯 Who do you think would win in a freaky fight between the Snuggle bear and this weird teddy? Ok that’s sick, I know.


BTW I want that washer!! sans the bear, of course.

Snuggle Bear:

February 19, 2008 at 8:22 pm 1 comment

Who’s Cuter?

Knut or Flocke? It seems that Flocke’s zoo needs a promotional agent. By this time Knut was already on the cover of Vanity Fair and all the newspapers! Flocke is way cuter in my opinion. Poor thing, I can’t believe that bad momma bear wanted to kill such a precious furball. If polar bears stayed this little forever they’d be the number one pet. Dogs could not compete with their cuteness. 😆





February 8, 2008 at 9:17 am 4 comments

What the…

Flocke…that’s the official name for the polar bear cub at the Nuremberg zoo. It’s German and it means flake, like a snowflake… get it? 😉 They could’ve done better but flake isn’t such a bad name.  In other news, the poor thing appears to be cross-eyed. So sad. Maybe it was that bad momma bear that dropped her on the rocks! She’s still cute anyway. Maybe when she’s older and she bumps into the wall her eyes will get better…just a thought.


AP Photo

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The Nuremberg polar bear

Knut move over! 😆 I kid, I kid. I missed posting this but I just want to catch up with cute happenings around the world. It turns out Germany has another cash cow polar bear cub to show to the world. I know, it’s mean. I’m sorry. Well, the zookeepers at the Nuremberg zoo have actually saved a polar bear cub from his mom after she seemed too nervous to take care of it and even tried to kill it by dragging him around and slamming him on some rocks. Bad mommy! Well, the cub was taken away from the momma bear and now the keepers are raising HER (it’s a girl!) just like they raised Knut. She is adorable, that’s for sure! Now the question is…will she make more money than Knut? 😆 I mean, Knut has books and stuffed animals and even a movie!



January 16, 2008 at 3:54 pm 7 comments

Cute baby with snuggle bear


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