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Donkey is Freed from jail!

After spending 3 days in the slammer, the Mexican donkey that supposedly attacked two men was released from jail. Mexican TV showed a video of the donkey named Blacky shortly after his release. Blacky’s owner had to pay a fine and was also ordered to pay compensatory damages to the two men for missing work. Blacky’s free!! yay! 😆 poor burrito…it must have been 3 boring days locked up.

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Baby fights for kisses

Babies kicking butt!! 😆 check it out

May 21, 2008 at 8:43 am 1 comment

Mexican burro in jail

A donkey is serving time in southern Mexico after he “allegedly” 😆 bit a man and kicked another at a ranch. The police were called to the scene and along with a few men were able to control the burro and take him into custody. Ok, we’re talking about a donkey here!! Turns out, the police in Chiapas, Mexico have the authority to jail any animal that commits a crime. They keep the animals until the owners pay for the damages caused by them. The donkey in this story has caused $420 (270 Euros) worth of medical damages. Keeping in mind that this is one of the poorest states in Mexico, $420 is probably the year’s salary of the donkey’s owner. What will happen to the donkey?!!! Well, it has happened before and animals have been kept jailed for a loooooong time, to say the least.


Source: Yahoo News

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Robo hamsters on the loose

They’re fast little critters! This is Lola running around the room.

May 17, 2008 at 8:59 am 19 comments

Panda bear sneeze…another one

It sucks when you get allergies!! Poor pandy beoh is sneezing like crazy but it’s so funny. 😆 Someone get the panda a kleenex!

May 15, 2008 at 9:57 am 2 comments

Lookalikes! III

This cat looks a lot like Charlie Chaplin but he also looks like this other guy…what’s his name? never mind.


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Cute Moms

I want to wish all the moms a Happy Mother’s day. Hope you enjoyed your special day 😉 I wanted to post some pictures of cute animal moms because it’s so endearing when we see how loving and caring moms are in general, even when they’re tiger moms. A mom’s love is special, I know, I’m a mom! he-he 🙂 It’s also true that you don’t mess with a mom…we’ll do anything to protect our young. In the animal kingdom the most dangerous animal is always the mom. Don’t mess with mom!! 😆

May 12, 2008 at 9:05 pm 2 comments

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