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Cat on the phone


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Darn Cat ruins the Shot



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Snow Day!

Not everyone likes snow. It’s beautiful (when it’s white) and festive but it’s also a pain in the butt sometimes. I remember when I was a kid I used to love the snow, the more the better but now it’s a pain 😆 You have to shovel it and take it off your car and it gets on your shoes. We should’ve stayed kids forever! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still beautiful 😉



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Pet Rewards


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Rabbit can dig!

I’m telling you. He’s got skillzz. He’ll reach China pretty soon at that speed.

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Weather report

It’s still cold!! (end of weather report) 😆


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Dog VS Balloons

Got some time to kill? watch this 😆 Dog on a mission!

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It’s Cold!!!!


Feels like -21! Gosh that’s cold. That’s the tropical weather we’re having here in Chicago. For some of you guys, that’s -29C. 😉 I always feel sorry for all those squirrels and birds out there. Some have their nests in trees and you can almost tell they freeze in there. You gotta be pretty smart if you’re a squirrel in Chicago. I remember last month when the temperature dropped dramatically overnight I saw a frozen squirrel on the ground. It probably didn’t have enough time to make or find a good nest. How tragic.


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What the…

Flocke…that’s the official name for the polar bear cub at the Nuremberg zoo. It’s German and it means flake, like a snowflake… get it? 😉 They could’ve done better but flake isn’t such a bad name.  In other news, the poor thing appears to be cross-eyed. So sad. Maybe it was that bad momma bear that dropped her on the rocks! She’s still cute anyway. Maybe when she’s older and she bumps into the wall her eyes will get better…just a thought.


AP Photo

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Performing Dogs

These dogs are amazing! The best part is when they have to clear out their crap after they’re finished with their tricks 😆 Poor things, I bet that lady makes them load up the van too.

Irina’s Dogs:

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